Can colon cancer cause prostate cancer

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Men deaths due to cancer were more affected than women With deaths per inhabitants, Hungary recorded the highest age-standardised death rate from cancer among the EU Member Can colon cancer cause prostate cancer.

High death rates from cancer were also registered in CroatiaSlovakia and Slovenia In contrast, low death rates from cancer were recorded in a number of Mediterranean and Nordic countries.

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The lowest rate was recorded in Cyprus with deaths from cancer per inhabitants, followed by FinlandMaltaSweden and Spain Over the period from tothe age-standardised death rate has fallen slowly but steadily, from deaths from cancer per inhabitants in to in This news item is published on the occasion of World Cancer Day 4 February. The World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer.

For more information: Causes of death statistics are based on information derived from the medical certificate of cause of death.

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Causes of death statistics present absolute numbers, crude death rates and age- standardised death rates. As most causes of death vary significantly with people's age and sex, the use of standardised death rates improves comparability over time and between countries.

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For more information on the statistics available in this area, take a look at the overview of health statistics and the Statistics Explained article Health statistics introduced. Further information is published here.

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